About company

The company "Op-art" was founded in 2007. Its’ main activity is to make furniture and doors of any design for home and office.

"Op-art" offers a full package of service:

1) Measuring,
2) Design-consulting,(free of charge),
3) Making up the virtual pictures of the project,
4) Price calculation

The card of the company is the manufacturing of Indirect-line shapes, which helps to give the furniture an original design.

The aim of company is to work individually with the client , to deal with his desires, to create a design with taste in combinations with practicality..

The best quality, comfort and functionality_are the headlines, according to which the furniture is made in "Op-art".

With the help of designers the client can see the picture of the wished thing in advance, can choose the color and decorations. then approximate price is counted. Since 2010 the company make the doors of any color, design and size.

“We are not afraid of non-straight walls and angles, we make furniture of any configuration”-declares "Op-art".

Exploitation date of furniture is 20-25 years.

The company works for Georgian market and remains the leader. "Op-art" regularly takes part in international exhibitions, renews its’ machines and obtains new methods of furniture-producing.

"Op-art" furniture is for them who values the style and quality.

Send your questions to e-mail:  info@op-art.ge op_art@yahoo.com  or come to our saloon- Agmashenebeli Alley  68 km. Tbilisi,Georgia


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